Supplier Accreditation
The Finance Office of Enderun Colleges maintains and updates a database of accredited suppliers and a system for supplier accreditation. Vendors and suppliers are welcome to apply for accreditation in order to be included in the roster of companies to be readily considered whenever there is a need for the College to procure goods and services.


  • SEC
  • Latest Copy of Financial Statement
  • ITR
  • Business Permit
  • Certificate of Registration (2303)
If single proprietorship
  • DTI
  • Business permit
  • Latest Copy of Financial Statement
  • ITR
  • Certificate of registration (2303)

Please download and legibly fill out the application form and send to

    Enderun Colleges Inc. in line with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, is committed to protect and secure personal information obtained in the process of performance of its mandate. The personal information you provided manually herein will be processed and utilized solely for documentation, facilitation of future transactions, profiling and market research, or for reportorial requirements/compliance to governmental rules and regulations. Collected personal information will be kept/stored and accessed only by authorized Enderun Colleges Inc. personnel and will not be shared with any outside parties unless written consent is secured. Information will be stored for three (3) years after which physical records shall be disposed or destroyed following the disposition process provided by the National Archives of the Philippines.