Bachelor of Science in

International Hospitality Management
International Hospitality Management

Enderun offers a carefully crafted program of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management (BS-IHM) with Specialization in Culinary Arts or Hotel Administration. Spread over four years of study, the program implements the teaching philosophy grounded on a balance between theory and practice. The curriculum allows students to study with an international faculty of industry practitioners and business leaders, providing students with a solid foundation for building a career in the global hospitality industry.

Enderun Colleges is in academic association with Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland, and partnered with École Ducasse in France.
International Hospitality Management


Internships are vital to a student’s learning. At Enderun Colleges, all bachelor’s degree candidates must complete two industry internships. The Office of Career Services coordinates with its growing number of Industry Partners to ensure that internships offer genuine learning and networking opportunities that complement classroom perspectives and enhance student career prospects.

The first internship, undertaken during the student’s sophomore year, offers broad exposure to the workings of international-category hotels, resorts, and caterers, and reinforces classroom instruction on hotel and restaurant operations with entry-level experience in hotel departments such as front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, food & beverage and culinary arts.

A second internship, reserved for seniors, synthesizes lessons from Enderun’s general management curriculum and offers students the opportunity to gain real-world supervisory experience in local hotels. Seniors may also complete their senior internships abroad and gain international exposure in leading hotels and restaurants around the world.

Curriculum & Course Description

Enderun‘s bachelor’s degree program for International Hospitality Management focuses on striking a balance between core coursework in the liberal arts, management and practical sciences, specialized training in hotel and kitchen-related disciplines, and real-world experience. The core curriculum, patterned after general education modules at US Ivy League universities, aims to develop intellectual breadth and rigor, to encourage creativity, and to inculcate in students a strong spirit of teamwork, entrepreneurialism, and discipline. Industry-specific courses within the program combine cutting-edge management science with traditional and technical know-how in the hotel and restaurant management. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply, and thereby reinforce, their knowledge in practical settings.
First Year
Semester 1

GE 116-0 Science, Technology and Society 3
GE 118-0 Life and Works of Rizal 3
GE 115-0 Readings in Philippine History 3
TC 101-0 Macro Perspective of Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 102-0 Risk Mgt as Applied to Safety, Security & Sanitation 3
IHM Elec 1 Elective 1 – IHM business applications 3
HA 206-0 Operations Management for Hospitality 3
END 101-0 Enderun Experience : Level 1 1
PE 101-0 Fundamentals of Physical Fitness 3

Semester 2

GE 111-0 Purposive Communication 3
GE 113-0 Mathematics in the Modern World 3
HC 121-1 Fundamentals in Lodging Operations 3
HC 122-1 Fundamentals in Food Services Operations 3
HC 201-1 Applied Business Tools & Technology (PMS) 3
IHM Elec 2 Elective 2 3
NS 101-0 Nat Service Training Program 1 3
END 102-0 Enderun Experience : Level 2 1
PE 110-0 Physical Fitness 2 2
Second Year
Semester 1

GE 112-0 Understanding the Self 3
FL 1 Foreign Language 1 3
HC 123-1 Kitchen Essentials & Basic Food Preparation 3
TC 103-0 Philippine Tourism, Geography and Culture 3
IHM Elec 3 Elective 3 – craft based learning 4
NS 102-1 Nat Service Training Program 2 3
END 103-0 Enderun Experience : Level 3 1
PE 201-0 Physical Fitness 3 2

Semester 2

GE 151-0 General Education Elective 1 3
GE 119-0 Contemporary World 3
TC 201-1 Service Quality Mgt in Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 222-1 Multicultural Diversity in Workplace for the Tourism Professional 3
FL 2 Foreign Language 2 3
IHM Elec 4 Elective 4 3
END 104-0 Enderun Experience : Level 4 1
PE 210-0 Physical Fitness 4 2
Third Year
Semester 1

GE 152-1 General Education Elective 2 3
GE 122-0 Literature 3
TC 301-1 Micro Perspective of Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 323-1 Legal Aspects in Tourism & Hospitality 3
HC 301-1 Research in Hospitality 3
IHM Elec 5 Elective 5 – Food and Beverage Cost Control 3
IHM Elec 6 Elective 6 3
END 105-0 Enderun Experience : Level 5 1

Semester 2

GE 117-0 Ethics 3
TC 321-1 Tourism & Hospitality Marketing 3
HC 321-1 Supply Chain Mgt in the Hospitality Industry 3
HC 322-1 Ergonomics & Facilities Planning for the Hospitality Ind 3
IHM Elec 7 Elective 7 3
IHM Elec 8 Elective 8 3
END 106-0 Enderun Experience : Level 6 1
Fourth Year
Semester 1

GE 114-0 Art Appreciation 3
HA 207-1 Strategic Management for Hospitality 3
TC 410-1 Entrepreneurship in Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 401-1 Professional Development & Applied Ethics 3
HC 410-1 Intro to Mtgs, Incentives, Conferences & Events Mgt (MICE) 3
IHM Elec 9 Elective 9 3
IHM Elec 10 Elective 10 3
END 107-0 Enderun Experience : Level 7 1

Semester 2

HC 250-1 BSIHM Internship 1 3
HC 450-1 BSIHM Internship 2 4
END 108-0 Enderun Experience : Level 8 1
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