Sustainability for a better world

Reducing environmental impact

Protecting precious resources for future generations

How we manage our most precious resources affects the well-being of people and the planet for generations. As pioneers in water and energy efficiency, Uponor takes that responsibility seriously. Experience how we conserve water, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and empower labor in our interactive sustainability report.

Finding a smarter way every day

Uponor helps customers achieve new levels of comfort and safety with less waste by every measure. More than reducing negative impacts, our products, programs and partnerships create net benefits: on the jobsite, in our facilities and supply chain, and in people’s everyday lives. By leading progress on the critical environmental challenges we face, we are preparing our communities and industry to thrive in a changing world.

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Local focus

Four priorities guide Uponor sustainability efforts: Conserve Water, Reduce Waste, Improve Energy Efficiency and Empower Labor.

Conserve water

Protecting every drop

With six billion gallons of clean water lost daily in the U.S., progress on conservation can’t wait. Our commitment to move water forward starts at home.

Restoring watershed

By 2025, we will have a sustainable water footprint at all Uponor facilities as we work to restore watersheds and expand access to drinking water in communities where we live and work. We repurpose rainwater and graywater to provide water needed in our manufacturing process, irrigate the property and flush toilets. In 2020, we signed a pledge with Operation Clean Sweep to keep resin residue out of our drains and waterways.

Making water smarter

Our smart water systems help eliminate leaks and waste while guiding people to use every drop wisely. Our advanced plumbing connections only get stronger with time, ensuring that water keeps moving as efficiently as possible.

Giving back

Through donations, volunteerism and education events, we share our products and know-how to help homeowners, employees, pros and communities do more with less. As an official corporate partner to Habitat for Humanity® International, Uponor has donated more than $500,000 in plumbing packages to Habitat homes to put our leading-edge systems where they can do the most good. Our employees have contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours to this and other programs. Learn more about volunteering to install Uponor solutions in Habitat affiliate homes.

Reduce waste

Clearing the way to a cleaner world

Waste on the jobsite, in homes and in workplaces is a global problem — and a preventable one. Uponor tackles the issue as far upstream as possible, starting with solutions that cut waste and costs.

Helping our suppliers go green

By scoring our suppliers on their sustainable practices and guiding them to improve, we are leading the way to greater transparency and a greener supply chain.

Reducing employee impact

As the only World Wildlife Fund-certified Green Office in the United States, we are leaving the world cleaner than we found it through education, recycling events and other initiatives that help workers reduce their impact on and off the job.

Reducing waste

By 2025, we aim to reduce waste on our building sites to half of 2015 levels, with 100 percent of our scrap and packaging to be recyclable or reusable. We are proud that 40 percent of our one million square feet of plant and office space is LEED-certified.

Global impact

Tied to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, these priorities allow us to engage local needs and opportunities with a united global focus.

Improve energy efficiency

Becoming lean and green

As the world’s energy choices evolve, Uponor seeks to be a model for the industry, embracing renewables across our global operation to reduce greenhouse gases and climate impacts.

Partnering with thought leaders

As a member of leading eco-advocacy groups, such as the World Green Building Council, the U.S. Green Building Council and the Sustainable Growth Coalition, Uponor is actively working to improve environmental policy and practice industry-wide.

Powering with renewable energy

In 2020, we worked with our utility partners to power all U.S. manufacturing and distribution with wind and solar energy. This puts us that much closer to the corporate goal of achieving 100 percent renewable power by 2025.

Innovating energy-efficient solutions

Our products make saving energy effortless, like water heating units that use 40 percent less energy than traditional systems. Our hydronic and radiant heating systems minimize water and energy waste, while guiding people to smarter use and financial benefits. We are proud to contribute products and expertise to leading-edge projects such as Solar Decathlon, Los Angeles’ first “passive house,” and Minnesota’s first fully certified Living Building Challenge project.

Empower labor

Preparing for the opportunities ahead

A super-efficient, waste-free future can only be built with a capable and informed workforce. Through world-class jobsite and classroom training, Uponor is equipping the next generation of skilled tradespeople to keep our industry innovating and thriving.

Building the workforce pipeline

Through our sponsorship of Texas Women in Trades, offering technical school scholarships to hosting manufacturing events, we are inspiring more women and diverse young people to build careers in our noble trades — while pushing for decent working conditions for everyone in our field.

Retaining top talent

Within our walls, we embrace digital workflows to grow our productivity and better serve customers — all while reducing inefficiencies and waste. We have implemented new leadership models, as well as promote and train from within, to help secure an engaged workforce.

Committed to sustainability

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