Weekend Coffee Share!

Happy Sunday and welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share at The Life of An Anxious Writer! I hope the days have been treating you well.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have no idea what the date is, I know it’s Sunday though and that should count for something, right?

I’ve been working a ton, last week I cut back on the hours a little. I’m tired and I don’t really want to go to work at five in the morning if I don’t have to. Last week I was in a lot of pain from being on my feet for ten hours each of my five days at work. I’m thankful though for the extra money.

Tomorrow I officially start classes for college. I’ve already looked at my assignments and the first one I’ll be doing in my English class is a persuasive essay. I was going to just knock it out today but thinking about writing an essay made me anxious so I haven’t been able to come up with anything all day. Thankfully its not due until next Wednesday.

Life has been picking back up it seems like. More businesses are opening up here in Texas, more people are out and about. I’m thankful that schools here will be shut for the rest of the school year. I would worry a lot about my kids if they were at school while there are still cases of the coronavirus here, although no children have caught it here yet, actually no teens have either.

Other than work and worrying about school, not much else has happened lately. I’ve been thinking about writing some fiction lately, I’m always thinking about writing fiction, but I have yet to write anything substantial. I keep hitting that “delete.” I’m really going to work on something.

How’s things in your neck of the woods? Anything fun, interesting, funny happen lately? Whats on your mind? I can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂 Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share!

    1. It is kind of nice to get back to some type of normality. A lot of businesses in my area are smaller and owned by residents who rely on these businesses as their only source of income. It was hurting the town a great deal for them to be closed. I’m glad they can start getting back to normal.


  1. Have you ever looked into writing prompts on WordPress? It’s a great way to practice writing fiction without taking it too seriously. I’ve done several, but these days mostly the weekly 100 word micro-fiction Friday Fictioneers. Always fun and great practice.

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