Weekend Coffee Share!

Hi Friends! Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share here at The Life of An Anxious Writer! I hope this weekend has been a good one for you, whether you worked, were stuck at home, were writing, drawing, making music, spending time with your loved ones, no matter what you did, I hope this weekend was good to you.

I didn’t do much this weekend except for write and work on school work. I’m still so tired. Thankfully, I’m on vacation for the rest of this week, I can just relax. And by “relax,” of course, I mean stress myself out about school work.

For English class we’re learning about considering the validity of sources that we cite, there’s worksheets that we have to do, it’s apparently a whole long process. All of my years in school previous to this it seemed like we only worried about plagiarizing the information that we used in our school papers and now we have to worry about whether or not the information we have to remember and take special care not to plagiarize is even reliable. Does this sound insane to anyone other than me?

Today my Significant Other and the kids and I went to hang out with the grandparents for the first time since all of this coronavirus crap started. Everyone was so happy! We went to a lake nearby (which was a bit crowded but everyone was doing a great job about social distancing from other groups of fishers/swimmers) where the Girl’s swam and the rest of us just sat (we found a nice little spot that was very away from everyone else) and enjoyed being in each other’s presence. We were going to bring our fishing rods but as crowded as it was today, we wouldn’t have been able to fish even if we wanted to. My son (who is almost 17) did a great job of keeping his mask on the entire time, even though we weren’t anywhere near anyone but each other. Safety first.

I worked on a little bit of fiction this weekend, the prompts for Friday Fictioneers are really helping me to stay in the habit of writing and I’m loving it! I know the things I’m writing probably aren’t very good at this point but I’m just happy that I’m able to write! I’ve gone a long time without being able to find the words, prompt or no prompt, I try and try to write and nothing happens or when it does it just doesn’t make any sense or it sounds like something a child would write, I’m happy to be writing! It’s been a long time.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share!

  1. Hello Angie. – you made it before the cutoff! Yea! Your visit to that lake sounds wonderful. We’ve not done anything so outdoorsy in too long. I turned 65 a few months ago so my pre-med daughter reminds me that I’m more at risk so need to take extra caution. Where’s my mope emoji?

    In case you’re not already sick of reading (I didn’t think that was possible, but I’ve found and crossed that threshold a few times of late. It was so weird.

    I have a collection of fun, short, free, laughable stories that I share with peer bloggers.
    You can find them at: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/

    Or, because I tend to stress normal English grammar. give this one a test read to see if our sense of humor is similar. https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/my-childbirth-deception-stunt/

    I’m going to be thinking about that lake of yours for the rest of the day.

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    1. Thank you! I’m absolutely not sick of reading yet. Where I’m at we haven’t been on lockdown at all during the pandemic, I’ve worked six out of seven dats every week. I’m on vacation this week and am thankful that now I have something to read! Thank you!


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