Letters to My Son: November 2, 2020

For NanoPoblano this year I chose to write letters to my son. I’m not yet sure if I’ll write a letter each day for 30 days or choose the method of 10 days of posting, 10 days of commenting, 10 days of sharing. I chose this theme though because my son is one of the most important people in my life and too often the busy world we live in doesn’t leave me much time to say to him the things I want to say. I also decided to write the letters out and give them to him. Happy blogging!

Dear K,

This morning I was thinking about how proud I am of you for getting up every morning and staying motivated, even when it’s hard. I know being a teenager isn’t easy and I know life in general hasn’t always been kind, but you haven’t lost your sense of wonder yet and for that I’m thankful.

It may not seem like a big deal to you that you get up every morning and go to school, that you’re seventeen and still in school, but to me it’s a huge deal. There’s a lot of kids your age who haven’t made it as far as you, whether they dropped out of school due to life circumstances- having a baby too early in life, addiction, to support their siblings because their parents weren’t able to, I’m thankful that you’ve had the opportunity and that you’ve kept the determination that you’ll finish school, that you know it will help you in the long run.

I’m thankful that you have aspirations, that you change your mind often about what you want to do in the future. I’ll admit, I was worried for awhile there when you said you wanted to be a famous rapper, but I’m thankful that now you’re curious as to how the mind works, that you think you might enjoy learning more about psychology and even philosophy. There’s not many young men your age that would want to pursue such intimidating subjects. But you’re not like most young men your age and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It makes my heart so happy when you text me while you’re at school to ask my opinion on what you’re learning, to ask me to clarify what you’re being taught, to recall on past conversations you and I have had about the subject and to ask me if it’s the same as what you’re learning at the moment. I’m thankful (and sometimes surprised) that the things we talk about stick with you long after we’ve spoken of it, that you take the time to think about what we’ve both said, that you formulate questions and opinions on the matter that you don’t hesitate to share with me.

I hope that today while you’re at school you learn something that you want to know more about. I hope that today when you come home you tell me about it and that you ask me questions. Even though I may not know the answers I’ll always do my best to answer as well as I can and to do my best to find the answer if I don’t have it. I hope you always have questions, the desire to know, to stay curious, not afraid, of the unknown. Today this is my hope for you.


NaNoPoblano, or National Blogging Month, is a blogging challenge that takes place in NovemberThere’s two ways to participate- post something every day for the whole month of November or post something of your own for ten days, comment on the posts of others for the next ten days, and then share a post each day for the last ten days. Its a great way to meet bloggers and to discover blogs you haven’t had the opportunity to visit before. Either method you choose I hope you’ll think about joining us! 

Here’s a link to the site that will tell you more about it: 



  1. What a lovely letter. Your son is so lucky to have you as his mom. His strength, curiosity, and persistence shows how impactful you are to him. A teenager and can think for himself and ask his parent about their opinions on topics, I think you hit the jackpot! You are doing everything right.


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