Letters to My Son: November 4, 2020

Dear K.,

I’m writing this on the 8th of November because I’ve been slacking, not because I haven’t had any hopes for you lately but because I wasn’t able to put into words the things in my head. It happens sometimes. I can’t always sit down and put out letters in a way that makes sense.

My hope for you tonight is that you are able to forgive. Forgive those that have hurt you, those that continue to hurt you, those that might hurt you in the future. I hope that you might be able to let go of hurt and injustice and anger. These things only lead to hate and the world is so full of it all already, especially now.

I hope that you will learn how to love, even when everything seems unlovable.

This extends not only to people, places, things and events around you but also to yourself. I hope that you know that you are worthy of loving and being loved.

Sometimes loving is forgiving.

Who would have thought that I would ever be here talking about the importance of forgiving and loving those who have hurt us yet here I am. I hope that you can remember that no one is perfect and that oftentimes the world isn’t kind but that this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be, that we shouldn’t be.

I hope that you are able to forgive without reserve, without expectation. Tonight this is my hope for you.

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