Letters to My Son: 11 November 2020

Dear K.,

It’s crazy how quickly life passes you by. All around me I see so many people who work so many days of their lives, some because working is what they love to do, some because they have to work to survive. Some people don’t work at all, either because they are unable to or because they don’t need to. Time stands still for no one.

I can’t believe it’s already November. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas and then before you know it, it will be 2021. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be an adult. Time passes so quickly.

I hope that as you get older you’ll be able to live life slowly, I know time stands still for no one, but that doesn’t mean you always have to be in a hurry. Spend time enjoying the little things in life, the way the clouds move, the way birds walk when they’re looking for food, the way the waves lap over each other and back again, dancing and turning and twisting.

I hope you remember to stop and breathe.

I hope you take the time to remember how you feel while you’re making memories, I hope you capture as much of each moment and find a way to hold onto it, if it makes you happy, makes you smile, makes you feel alive.

I hope you remember to do all the things you want to do before they turn into things you wish you had done. I hope you take chances, if they’re what your heart wants and you’re able to do it. I hope you’re never filled with regret over the things you want to accomplish in life.

This is my wish for you.



  1. I love these posts – maybe because I have four boys; 2 biological and 2 step. I can’t even think about this coming holoday. Only one son is local and he will be off charter fishing. The other 3 are in Mt. Pleasant So. Carolina, La CA., and Albany NY. Thanks to Covid I wont see any of them.


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