Letters to My Son: 12 November 2020

Dear K.,

I know being a teen can be so difficult. Along with homework and sports you have to juggle creating and maintaining successful friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships. You are trying to become the man you want to be while still holding onto the boy that you once were.

You seem so wise for your young seventeen years, as though you’ve been alive for many more years than that. You’ve seen and heard and learned so much. Your dreams are unlimited. I joke that you’re like a little old man trapped in a teenager’s body.

There aren’t many times when you actually let loose, when you cut up, when you enjoy childhood, the childhood that is passing you by so quickly. You’re so incredibly serious and curious about the life you think will be better than the one you have. I wish I could show you how precious childhood, the teenage years, are. I wish I could help show you how to slow down in life.

So, sweet boy, this is my hope for you. I hope that you are able to cut up with your friends. I hope that you are able to laugh at the silliness in life. To create moments like these to share with those around you.

I hope that you’re able to recognize the beauty around you, things that kids your age take for granted because they don’t yet understand how wondrous these things are: the way the leaves turn colors in the fall, the individuality of snowflakes, the dancing colors in the flames of a bonfire. They don’t yet have that type of curiosity like you do. I hope that you are able to explore this curiosity, but not just to explore it, to share your awe and wonder of it all with those around you. I hope you never stop finding things in this world to be in awe over and that you always share them with those that you love.


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